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AI Pulse #10: Trending AI News

AI Pulse #10: Databricks Valued at $43B with Nvidia Funding, Microsoft Releases AI Article on Late NBA Player Using Offensive Language, + MORE

Hey there! 👋 We’re back with a new edition of our newsletter, designed to keep you at the forefront of AI developments. In this edition, we’re thrilled to bring you the most exciting updates in AI.

Let’s dive right in!

Latest Funding News

We kick off this newsletter with Databricks getting a $43 billion valuation and $500 million in funding with the help of Nvidia. This funding news is a testament to AI’s potential, and we’re excited to share where else AI has had incredible growth.

Top Trending AI News

1. Microsoft Releases AI Article on Late NBA Player Using Offensive Language

Publisher: Futurism

Published: 9/14/2023

Microsoft AI article calls deceased NBA player “useless” in a garbled obituary. Condemned for disrespect, the article was quickly called out on social media.


1️⃣ Microsoft AI-generated article called deceased NBA player “useless.”

2️⃣ The article was criticized for its lack of respect and coherence.

3️⃣ Microsoft previously published similarly incoherent AI-generated content.

4️⃣ Microsoft claims to use human oversight but publishes low-quality articles.

5️⃣ The articles are often plagiarized and threaten the future of journalism.

Source: Variety

2. Sean Penn’s Fight for Ukraine: Takes on Will Smith and AI Proposals

Publisher: Variety

Published: 9/13/2023

Sean Penn discusses his documentary on Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, but becomes angry over the Academy’s refusal to let Zelenskyy speak at the Oscars.


1️⃣ Sean Penn talks about his documentary “Superpower” and his friend, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy.

2️⃣ He gets furious about the Academy’s refusal to let Zelenskyy speak at the Oscars.

3️⃣ Penn criticizes Will Smith’s involvement in the Oscars as a “stupid fucking thing.”

4️⃣ Penn talks about his past anger issues and his present humanitarian work.

5️⃣ He shares his controversial proposal for dealing with the 9/11 attacks.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks at Cannes in May 2023. | GETTY IMAGES

3. Tom Hanks, Octavia Spencer Join Metaphysic AI Journey

Publisher: Hollywood Reporter

Published: 9/14/2023

Generative AI firm Metaphysic has launched a toolset for actors to manage their personal data, including likeness and voice, with early users including Tom Hanks and Anne Hathaway.


1️⃣ Generative AI firm Metaphysic introduces new toolset for actors and individuals.

2️⃣ Early adopters include Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Tom Hanks, and others.

3️⃣ This system, called Metaphysic Pro, could help actors create their own face, voice, and performance data.

4️⃣ It would also help manage how this data is used by third parties, including consent, compensation, and copyright.

5️⃣ Metaphysic CEO Thomas Graham stresses the importance of protecting personal data in the AI age.

(Video) The only job that seems to be safe from the rise of ChatGPT and other AI tech is the one that could easily be automated: CEO. | Arantza Pena Popo | Source: Insider

4. AI Could Fix Broken CEO Job

Publisher: Business Insider

Published: 9/11/2023

CEOs are easily replaceable by AI due to their lack of measurable contributions and accountability, as their primary duty is to make optimization decisions based on spreadsheets.


1️⃣ CEOs are threatened to be replaced by AI, but they are not held accountable.

2️⃣ CEOs make a lot of money, but they don’t understand their business.

3️⃣ The solution is to hold CEOs accountable or replace them with AI.

4️⃣ CEOs spend most of their time in meetings and making big calls.

5️⃣ CEOs have no real value if they don’t connect their pay to results.

Tech firm Voyager Labs, which boasts about its ability to use artificial intelligence to predict crime, is in the midst of a privacy lawsuit with Meta, formerly Facebook. | Getty Images / File

5. Tech Firm’s AI Predicts Crime with Social Media Policing, Battles Meta in Court

Publisher: Fox News

Published: 9/12/2023

AI-powered Voyager Labs has contracts with law enforcement agencies to use AI to predict crimes using social media, but is facing a lawsuit from Meta alleging privacy violations.


1️⃣ Tech company Voyager Labs claims to use AI to predict crime.

2️⃣ NYPD and LAPD are among law enforcement agencies to contract with Voyager Labs.

3️⃣ Meta, formerly Facebook, is in a privacy lawsuit with Voyager Labs.

4️⃣ Meta alleges Voyager Labs created fake accounts to collect personal data.

5️⃣ Voyager Labs denies the allegations and its software is designed to analyze publicly available data.

Coca-Cola | Source: Breitbart

6. Coca-Cola Launches AI-Created ‘Robo Soda’ Y3000

Publisher: Breitbart Tech

Published: 9/12/2023

Coca-Cola has launched “Y3000,” a limited-edition beverage designed to “taste like the future” and “co-created” by AI to determine its flavor and packaging.


1️⃣ Coca-Cola has launched a limited-edition drink called Y3000, co-created by AI.

2️⃣ The drink is designed to taste like the future and has a bright fruit taste.

3️⃣ Coca-Cola used AI to determine both the flavor and the packaging of the drink.

4️⃣ The company aims to keep the century-old brand relevant, especially among younger consumers.

5️⃣ The packaging of Y3000 features a Y2K aesthetic with a pixelated logo.

Brightburn | The H Collective | Source: Deadline

7. H3 Entertainment: The H Collective’s New AI, Web3 & Metaverse Label

Publisher: Deadline

Published: 9/12/2023

The H Collective is launching H3 Entertainment, integrating AI, Web3, and Metaverse into a slate of films, promoting responsible technology integration.


1️⃣ The H Collective is launching H3 Entertainment, a company integrating AI and Metaverse.

2️⃣ The company aims to respect professionals and fans while promoting responsible technology integration.

3️⃣ H3 Entertainment is developing ways to utilize AI and introduce responsible usage of AI elements.

4️⃣ The company’s projects in development include a crypto trend TV series and a horror movie sequel.

5️⃣ H3 aims to introduce new revenue avenues through Web3 and the Metaverse.

Thomas Banneyer | Picture alliance via Getty Images

8. EU Leader Urges Global Digital IDs & UN AI Governance

Publisher: Breitbart

Published: 9/10/2023

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen calls for global regulation of AI and digital infrastructure, and adoption of digital public infrastructures like COVID-19 passports.


1️⃣ Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, advocates for international digital IDs and regulation of AI.

2️⃣ She believes that more globalist institutions are necessary to set boundaries and regulations.

3️⃣ Von der Leyen argues for the adoption of digital public infrastructures and a global framework for AI risks.

4️⃣ She praises the COVID-19 digital certificate and proposes a cross-border digital ID system.

5️⃣ However, some warn that this may result in the “Chinafication” of Europe.

Source: ZeroHedge

9. IRS Implements AI for Historic Tax Enforcement Crackdown

Publisher: Zero Hedge

Published: 9/12/2023

The IRS is using AI and cutting-edge tech to catch tax evaders more effectively, with a focus on higher-earning Americans and big corporations.


1️⃣ The IRS is using AI and new technologies to catch tax evaders.

2️⃣ The focus is on higher-earning Americans and big corporations.

3️⃣ The IRS will not increase audit rates for people earning less than $400,000 per year.

4️⃣ The new enforcement thrust will prioritize cases involving taxpayers earning over $1 million.

5️⃣ The IRS expects AI tools to help boost tax enforcement of large partnerships.

Source: Harvard Business Review

10. AI’s Impact on Radiology: A Transformation

Publisher: Harvard Business Review

Published: 9/12/2023

AI is transforming radiology with Siemens Healthineers’ AI-Rad Companion Chest CT automating tasks, improving efficiency and accuracy for patients and professionals.


1️⃣ Radiology is using AI to automate tasks and improve patient care.

2️⃣ Diagnostikum in Austria uses AI-Rad Companion Chest CT for chest imaging.

3️⃣ The software is cloud-based and integrates with digital radiology systems.

4️⃣ The AI algorithms process CT exams of the chest, delivering results to radiologists.

5️⃣ Patient preparation, scan preparation, scan execution, reading, and reporting benefit from AI.

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