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AI Pulse #11: Trending AI News

AI Pulse #11: Mapbox Secures $280M Funding, AI-Generated Fake Nude Photos Anger Spanish Town, + MORE

Hello, dear readers! 👋 We’re back with the 11th edition of our newsletter, your trusted source for the latest in AI and technology, made possible by the Onramp Lab team. Join us as we explore the ever-evolving landscape of innovation.

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Latest Funding News

In this issue, we’re excited to bring you the latest in AI funding news. As we dive into the world of AI finance, let’s give a shout-out to the collective efforts of the passionate professionals in the Onramp Lab team for keeping us informed and engaged in this dynamic field.

Top Trending AI News

The AI-powered app Clothoff was used to create the images, Euronews reported | Source: Stefani Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

1. Fury in Spanish Town over AI-Created Fake Nude Photos of Girls

Publisher: Business Insider

Published: 9/24/2023

AI-generated fake naked images of young girls from their social media accounts have been circulating in a town in southern Spain, causing distress among over 20 identified victims.


1️⃣ AI-generated images of young girls have been circulating in a small town in Spain.

2️⃣ The images were created by an AI app called Clothoff and were spread in several middle schools.

3️⃣ More than 20 girls aged 11 to 17 have been identified as victims.

4️⃣ At least 10 people have been identified as suspects, some as young as 13.

5️⃣ The incident has sparked an investigation by Spain’s national police force.

Actor Stephen Fry | Source: Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

2. Stephen Fry Claims AI Stole His Voice, Warns of Deepfake Celebrity Videos

Publisher: Business Insider

Published: 9/18/2023

Actor Stephen Fry warned about the use of AI to clone his voice for illegal audio creation, presenting an example at the CogX Festival.


1️⃣ Actor Stephen Fry warned about the dangers of AI at CogX Festival.

2️⃣ AI technology was used to clone Fry’s voice illegally.

3️⃣ Fry’s voice was copied from his reading of Harry Potter audiobooks.

4️⃣ AI could create deepfake videos and non-consensual pornographic images of actors.

5️⃣ AI poses an existential threat to actors’ livelihoods, according to SAG-AFTRA.

Vaishnav Praveen

3. Anil Kapoor Supports Hollywood Strikes after Winning AI Battle

Publisher: Variety

Published: 9/20/2023

Indian actor Anil Kapoor wins landmark judgement against AI for protection of his personality rights, including his name, image, voice, and likeness.


1️⃣ Indian actor Anil Kapoor won a court order against AI.

2️⃣ The order acknowledges his personality rights and restrains offenders.

3️⃣ Kapoor took the step because of morphed videos and emojis bearing his likeness.

4️⃣ The court order protects Kapoor’s rights across all modes and media worldwide.

5️⃣ Kapoor expressed his support for fellow actors and their right to protect themselves.

Source: @streetmediatv/Twitter

4. AI Lifeguard’ Spotted Using Scanning Technique by Woman

Publisher: Daily Dot

Published: 9/19/2023

A lifeguard’s scanning technique was mistaken for AI by a woman filming her movements, causing concerns about conspiratorial thinking.


1️⃣ A woman mistakes a lifeguard using Ellis scanning technique for AI.

2️⃣ She films the lifeguard moving her head up and down in a robotic manner.

3️⃣ The woman insists that the lifeguard is not real and part of The Matrix.

4️⃣ In reality, Ellis scanning is a technique used to prevent drowning and ensure safety.

5️⃣ The video highlights how people jump to conclusions and believe in conspiracies.

Source: KXAN / YouTube (screenshot)

5. Artificial Intelligence Writes Church Service in Austin Using ChatGPT

Publisher: The Blaze

Published: 9/19/2023

An Austin church used artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT to write an entire Sunday service, raising questions about the role of AI in worship.


1️⃣ A pastor in Austin used AI to write a Methodist church service.

2️⃣ However, the service was missing a human element according to one attendee.

3️⃣ The pastor wanted to force worshipers to question what is sacred.

4️⃣ He also wondered if AI can communicate truth and if people can experience God through it.

5️⃣ The church is pro-LGBTQIA+ and committed to full inclusion in the global United Methodist Church.

Source: Google

6. Google’s Bard Chatbot Finds Answers in Gmail, Docs, Drive

Publisher: The Verge

Published: 9/19/2023

Google’s Bard chatbot can now find answers in your Gmail, Docs, and Drive, helping you quickly find the information you need.


1️⃣ Google’s Bard chatbot can now scan your Gmail and Drive for answers.

2️⃣ With the new integration, Bard can summarize emails and highlight important document points.

3️⃣ Bard can also use the information in other ways, like creating a bulleted summary.

4️⃣ While privacy concerns exist, Google says it won’t use the information to train Bard’s public model.

5️⃣ Bard will also connect with Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights and Google plans to expand its integrations.

Théâtre d’Opéra Spatialcreated using AI, cannot be copyrighted, a US court has ruled | Source: US Copyright Office

7. AI Creates Copyright-Free Art in Old Master Style

Publisher: The Guardian

Published: 9/24/2023

AI-created image not eligible for copyright protection due to lack of human authorship, according to US copyright office review board. Artists fear AI threatens their jobs.


1️⃣ An AI-generated image was ruled not copyrightable by the US Copyright Office Review Board.

2️⃣ The artist claimed authorship of the image, but the board ruled against him.

3️⃣ This decision comes as writers, actors, musicians, and photographers claim AI is threatening their jobs.

4️⃣ Courts are now routinely referring to human authorship requirements under copyright law.

5️⃣ Despite this setback, AI is viewed as a tool that artists will use to create new work.

Researchers at Google DeepMind have trained their AI system to identify potentially disease-causing genes | Source: BBC News

8. Google DeepMind AI Accelerates Search for Disease Genes

Publisher: BBC News

Published: 9/19/2023

Google DeepMind AI has identified 89% of key mutations that cause diseases by checking the order of components in human DNA strands.


1️⃣ Google DeepMind AI identifies disease-causing DNA mutations.

2️⃣ The system can pinpoint 89% of key mutations, speeding up diagnosis.

3️⃣ AlphaMissense checks the order of components in human DNA strands.

4️⃣ The tool helps clinical researchers prioritize areas that could cause disease.

5️⃣ The new tool has been tested by Genomics England and is expected to benefit the NHS.

Source: Microsoft

9. Microsoft Unveils Unified Copilot Across Bing, Edge, and Windows

Publisher: Windows Central

Published: 9/21/2023

Microsoft announces unified Copilot AI assistant for Windows 11, Microsoft 365, Edge, and Bing, rolling out September 26, 2023.


1️⃣ Microsoft announced Copilot, which will connect its AI efforts with apps and services.

2️⃣ The new Copilot will be available on Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Edge.

3️⃣ Copilot will start rolling out on September 26, 2023.

4️⃣ The unified Copilot will incorporate the context and intelligence of the web, work data, and what you are doing on your PC.

5️⃣ Copilot will provide better assistance while prioritizing your privacy and security.

Dimas Ardian/Getty Images

10. Scientists Develop AI to Translate Chicken Language

Publisher: Futurism

Published: 9/21/2023

Japanese researchers claim they can translate chicken clucks using AI, identifying emotional states like hunger, fear, and contentment, potentially improving animal welfare.


1️⃣ Japanese researchers claim to have used AI to translate chicken clucks.

2️⃣ The system can interpret emotions like hunger, fear, anger, excitement, and distress.

3️⃣ The researchers recorded and analyzed 80 chickens’ vocal patterns.

4️⃣ The model’s accuracy may change with different breeds and environmental conditions.

5️⃣ The researchers hope to adapt the AI technique to other animals.

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