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AI Pulse #30: Spacely AI Secures Pre-Seed Funding Boost, AI-Created Video Game Flops as Technology Fails to Match Human Talent, + MORE

Hello everyone! 👋 We’re thrilled to present the 30th edition of our newsletter, packed with captivating narratives and noteworthy updates. Brace yourselves for an enlightening and motivational read.

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Latest Funding News

This edition delves into stories shaping our world. Discover how recently AI failed to create video games as its technology fell behind humans—and also explore SpacelyAI’s innovative approach to visualizing modern interior design with AI. These articles offer just a glimpse; stay tuned for more enlightening news!

Top Trending AI News

Source: IGN

1. AI-Created Video Game Flops as Technology Fails to Match Human Talent

Publisher: IGN

Published: 3/14/2024

AI-made video game by Keywords Studios failed as tech couldn’t match human talent, highlighting AI’s limitations and potential in game development.


1️⃣ AI game project fails, can’t beat human talent.

2️⃣ Experts needed for top game quality.

3️⃣ AI helps, but can’t replace game developers.

4️⃣ Mixed reactions to AI in voice acting.

5️⃣ AI use in games grows, sparks debate.

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Lon Tweeten for TIME; Getty Images

2. Exclusive: US Urged to Act Decisively Against AI’s Extinction-Level Threat

Publisher: TIME

Published: 3/11/2024

U.S. report warns AI poses “extinction-level” risks, urging swift policy action to restrict AI development, limit computing power for training, and enhance safety measures.


1️⃣ U.S. report warns AI may pose national security risks.

2️⃣ Experts suggest AI could threaten human survival.

3️⃣ New policies proposed to regulate AI development.

4️⃣ AI’s rapid growth compared to nuclear weapons.

5️⃣ Government urged to limit AI computing power.

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Artificial Intelligence: the new technology that has taken the sector by storm |

3. European Lawmakers Pass World’s First Major AI Regulation Act

Publisher: CNBC

Published: 3/13/2024

EU parliament passes world’s first AI regulation, categorizing tech risks, ensuring innovation while protecting rights, set for May enforcement.


1️⃣ EU passes first major global AI regulation.

2️⃣ AI Act categorizes technology risks.

3️⃣ AI regulation aims for May enforcement.

4️⃣ EU sets global AI governance standard.

5️⃣ Concerns over AI’s rapid evolution noted.

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source: MSNBC

4. Trump Falsely Accuses Dems of Using AI for Amusing Reason

Publisher: MSNBC Rachel Maddow Show

Published: 3/13/2024

Trump falsely claims Dems used A.I. to craft video of his slip-ups, a strategy that highlights his cognitive errors.


1️⃣ Trump claims Dems used AI against him falsely.

2️⃣ AI stirs confusion in 2024 election tactics.

3️⃣ Trump’s cognitive slips spotlighted by Dems.

4️⃣ AI deepfakes become political tools.

5️⃣ Trump’s AI accusation highlights own missteps.

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5. Russian Dark Web Chatter on US Election Interference Surges for 2024

Publisher: Newsweek

Published: 3/14/2024

Surge in Russian dark web posts about US election interference for 2024, showing a 400% increase in discussions, mainly in Russian, raising concerns over potential disinformation campaigns.


1️⃣ Dark web talks on US election rise sharply.

2️⃣ Russian posts dominate election chatter.

3️⃣ AI boosts disinformation threats.

4️⃣ No direct cyberattack plans found yet.

5️⃣ Experts wary of AI in election meddling.

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6. Drone Swarms Set to Shift Military Power Balance

Publisher: Wall Street Journal

Published: 3/14/2024

Drone swarms, leveraging AI, are set to revolutionize warfare, making current defenses obsolete and shifting military power dynamics.


1️⃣ Drones reshape military power.

2️⃣ AI and drones: a future threat.

3️⃣ Low-cost drones alter warfare.

4️⃣ History repeats in military tech.

5️⃣ Drones: cheap but powerful.

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Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump dances off stage at the end of a campaign rally. (Photo by Chip SomodevillaGetty Images)

7. Trump Campaign Accuses Faulty Algorithms for Ads on Nazi Content

Publisher: Raw Story

Published: 3/4/2024

Trump campaign says Rumble’s algorithm wrongly placed their ads on pro-Nazi content, denying responsibility.


1️⃣ Trump ads appear on Nazi videos, blames algorithms.

2️⃣ Rumble faulted for placing Trump ads with Nazi content.

3️⃣ Trump campaign uses Rumble for ad placement, faces backlash.

4️⃣ No Trump campaign control over ad locations, says spokesperson.

5️⃣ Trump ads fund campaign, placed by ‘faulty algorithms’.

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Photo Illustration by Jason Lancaster| CNN Getty Images

8. Top Donor to Pro-Biden Group Is Non-Profit Led by AI Investor

Publisher: CNN Politics

Published: 3/10/2024

AI investor-linked couple emerge as top Biden backers, donating $7.2M via their non-profit to a pro-Biden dark-money group in 2022.


1️⃣ AI investor couple backs Biden with millions.

2️⃣ Dark money shapes U.S. elections quietly.

3️⃣ Biden benefits from undisclosed donations.

4️⃣ Political ads funded by anonymous millions.

5️⃣ Biden criticizes, yet gains from dark money.

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Source: Shutterstock

9. Unlocking Business Growth: How AI Empowers Enterprises

Publisher: Slate

Published: 3/14/2024

AI can automate and optimize tasks in finance, supply chain, and HR, enhancing efficiency and strategic focus for businesses.


1️⃣ AI can boost your finance team’s efficiency.

2️⃣ AI strengthens risk-resilient supply chains.

3️⃣ AI helps HR find and retain talent.

4️⃣ AI optimizes business decisions with data.

5️⃣ AI is key for strategic business growth.

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10. Authors Rally Against Surge of AI Scam Books on Amazon

Publisher: NPR

Published: 3/13/2024

Authors are challenging the surge of AI-generated “scam” books on Amazon, affecting their sales and reputations, with Amazon taking steps to address the issue.


1️⃣ Authors fight AI scam books on Amazon.

2️⃣ Amazon demands AI content disclosure.

3️⃣ Fake summaries steal real book sales.

4️⃣ Amazon limits AI book publications.

5️⃣ AI scams hurt authors’ reputations.

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