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Issue #9 AI Pulse: Trending AI News

AI Pulse #9: AI Startup Imbue Closes $200M Funding, Robots Pour Drinks in Vegas, + MORE

Hi! 👋 It’s newsletter time again, your ticket to the latest AI insights. This week, we start with a whopping $200 million Series B funding for Imbue and robots serving drinks in Las Vegas.

Let’s get to it!

Latest Funding News

In this issue, we start with a bang, featuring Imbue Labs, an independent research lab that trains foundational models to develop AI agents that can code, and their astounding achievement of $200 million in Series B funding from Nvidia.

Then, join us as we explore the top 10 AI funding news articles, offering invaluable guidance for those navigating the AI terrain.

Top Trending AI News

This bar inside Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas strip has two robots that serve customers drinks. The Tipsy Robot opened a second location on the strip this year. | Source: Deepa Shivaram/NPR

1. Robots Serve Drinks in Vegas: Workers Brace for AI Impact

Publisher: NPR

Published: 9/4/2023

AI is replacing jobs in Las Vegas, leading to concerns from workers and unions. The economy must diversify to lessen reliance on tourism and hospitality.


1️⃣ Robots are replacing human jobs in Las Vegas as AI grows.

2️⃣ Studies show that between 38% to 65% of jobs could be automated by 2035.

3️⃣ Unions, such as the Culinary Union, are negotiating protections against AI replacing jobs.

4️⃣ AI will impact both low-wage and white-collar jobs, but it will also create new jobs.

5️⃣ Las Vegas city officials are starting to prepare workers for the shift towards AI.

In an undated stock photo, media equipment is shown in the live room of a radio station. | Source: Stock Photo/Getty Images

2. Radio Broadcasters Discuss Artificial Intelligence in Industry

Publisher: ABC News

Published: 9/4/2023

Radio broadcasters discuss the use of AI in the industry, with opinions ranging from concern over job loss to embracing technology for creating more content.


1️⃣ Radio stations are using AI DJs.

2️⃣ Some radio creatives are skeptical about AI.

3️⃣ AI can help bridge the gap during layoffs.

4️⃣ Compensation for AI use is negotiable.

5️⃣ AI can make the job easier for accomplished air personalities.

Source: HBR Staff/Unsplash

3. AI and the Digital Cold War

Publisher: Harvard Business Review

Published: 9/6/2023

The US and China are creating separate technology spheres, leading to a “Digital Cold War.” AI will be decisive, and collaboration is needed to succeed.


1️⃣ The world is changing, with more nationalism and competition.

2️⃣ The US and China are creating separate technology spheres.

3️⃣ AI will be crucial to determining geopolitical power.

4️⃣ Collaboration, not competition, is needed for democracies to succeed.

5️⃣ Data localization policies hinder cross-border AI collaboration.

Source: Rapeepong Puttakumwong/Moment RF/Getty Images

4. Chinese Operatives Use AI Images to Disinform US Voters, Says Microsoft

Publisher: CNN

Published: 9/7/2023

Chinese operatives used AI-generated images to spread disinformation on US social media, focusing on “denigrating US political figures and symbols,” warns Microsoft.


1️⃣ Suspected Chinese operatives using AI-generated images to spread disinformation among US voters.

2️⃣ The operatives have posted AI-made images depicting the Statue of Liberty and the Black Lives Matter movement.

3️⃣ The images were fake and generated by a computer, but real people propagated them by reposting them on social media.

4️⃣ The social media accounts were affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.

5️⃣ The growing potential for adversaries to use AI to sow disinformation among US voters is an acute concern.

 Illustration: Nicole Rifkin | Source: The Guardian

5. Risks to asylum applications due to reliance on language apps

Publisher: The Guardian

Published: 9/7/2023

US immigration system’s growing reliance on AI-powered language apps jeopardizes some asylum applications due to the tools’ limits and inaccuracies.


1️⃣ The US immigration system relies on AI-powered translations, without understanding their limits.

2️⃣ AI translation tools are unreliable for languages that are different from English or less documented.

3️⃣ These tools are used throughout the asylum process, leading to issues in asylum applications.

4️⃣ Machine translations reflect existing biases and perpetuate global power imbalances.

5️⃣ There can be knowledge loss between languages and cultural nuances that can’t be communicated.

Elon Musk is on a mission to minimize AI danger and assure that human consciousness survives. | Source: Sipa/AP

6. Elon Musk’s Battle for the Future of AI

Publisher: Time Magazine

Published: 9/6/2023

Elon Musk invested in AI safety after realizing the potential threat of machines surpassing human intelligence, ultimately co-founding OpenAI and Neuralink.


1️⃣ Elon Musk invested in DeepMind to monitor its development of artificial intelligence.

2️⃣ Musk warned of the dangers of AI, suggesting it could surpass humans and replace us.

3️⃣ Musk’s concerns were dismissed by Google’s Larry Page, leading him to co-found OpenAI.

4️⃣ OpenAI aimed to create an open-source AI that would counter Google’s dominance of the field.

5️⃣ Musk’s determination to develop AI capabilities at his own companies caused a break with OpenAI in 2018.

Source: Thomas Banneyer/Picture alliance via Getty Images

7. EU Leader Urges Global Digital IDs & UN AI Governance

Publisher: Breitbart

Published: 9/10/2023

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen calls for global regulation of AI and digital infrastructure, and adoption of digital public infrastructures like COVID-19 passports.


1️⃣ Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, advocates for international digital IDs and regulation of AI.

2️⃣ She believes that more globalist institutions are necessary to set boundaries and regulations.

3️⃣ Von der Leyen argues for the adoption of digital public infrastructures and a global framework for AI risks.

4️⃣ She praises the COVID-19 digital certificate and proposes a cross-border digital ID system.

5️⃣ However, some warn that this may result in the “Chinafication” of Europe.

Drake | Source: Astral

8. A.I.-Generated Song Mimics Drake, The Weeknd for Grammy Consideration

Publisher: Billboard

Published: 9/6/2023

Ghostwriter’s controversial A.I.-generated song “Heart on My Sleeve” was submitted for next year’s Grammy awards, despite being pulled from streaming services earlier this year.


1️⃣ Ghostwriter submitted their A.I.-generated track for Grammy nominations.

2️⃣ The song was eligible despite the use of A.I. technology.

3️⃣ The song was pulled from streaming services after generating outrage.

4️⃣ The Recording Academy announced Artificial Intelligence “protocols” earlier this year.

5️⃣ Ghostwriter returned with a new A.I.-generated song titled “Whiplash.”

Tim Burton | Source: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

9. Tim Burton Reacts to AI Imitating His Animation: “It’s Like Losing Humanity”

Publisher: Hollywood Reporter

Published: 9/9/2023

Filmmaker Tim Burton expressed discomfort with AI-generated versions of his Disney characters, saying it takes something away from the soul. Hollywood debates AI use.


1️⃣ Tim Burton discusses AI’s impact on animation and the discomfort it causes him.

2️⃣ AI-generated Disney characters imitating his style leaves him feeling soulless.

3️⃣ Actors and writers have been on strike over AI in Hollywood.

4️⃣ Burton reflects on the exhausting process of making big studio films.

5️⃣ Beetlejuice 2 nearly finished filming and is set to release in 2024.

Christian Petersen | Source: Getty Images

10. ‘Call of Duty’ Uses AI to Combat Toxicity in Voice Chat

Publisher: Breitbart Tech

Published: 9/4/2023

Activision-Blizzard plans to use AI to monitor voice chats in Call of Duty games for “toxic” speech, with potential censorship or bans for offenders.


1️⃣ Activision-Blizzard plans to use AI to monitor voice chats in Call of Duty.

2️⃣ The AI tool will identify “toxic” speech in real-time and enforce against it.

3️⃣ The tool will combat hate speech, discriminatory language, and harassment.

4️⃣ Being banned from a video game can render hundreds of dollars of investment near-useless.

5️⃣ The AI tool will be rolled out with the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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